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If you are looking for sun, sea, sand and good weather for most of the year, Sóller, a town in Majorca, is an extraordinary, magical destination. The weather in Sóller has seasonal variations which makes it worth getting to know.

SólleRooms is an oasis of relaxation where you can completely disconnect, and enjoy the delights of this small Majorcan town in the mountains. You will find yourself immersed in the Mediterranean vibe full of stories which encourage you to disconnect and forget your daily routine.

The weather in Sóller: 4 seasons

Any moment of the year is appropriate for visiting Sóller, and for making the most of all the different activities that this part of the island has to offer for tourists as well as the locals. Of course, each season offers a variety of things to do and see at that time of the year. Let’s have a look!

Spring: colours, aromas and markets

After the cold, the spring weather in Sóller is fairly warm, infused with the aromas of flowers which start to appear and decorate everything with colour and happiness. It’s time to put away your coats and start walking and having fun.

Some of the activities you can do during these magnificent months are:

  • Hiking and walking.
  • Excursions in the Tramuntana mountains
  • Urban and cultural tourism
  • Local gastronomy in restaurants, cafes and bars
  • Cycling
  • Shopping at local markets

Summer: sun and lots of water

The special geographic location of the Balearic Islands means that they are visited by a large number of tourists during summer. The warmth of the blue waters during this part of the year is a temptation you can’t resist.

In this season, the weather in Sóller in Majorca is wonderful. Being a town in the mountains, the climate in summer is ideal. Some of the different activities you can do during summer in Sóller are:

  • Visiting beaches, coves, caves and lots of water sports.
  • Mediterranean gastronomy: seasonal fish and seafood.
  • Monuments and cultural activities.
  • Activities for kids and youngsters.
  • Theme parks.
  • Romantic evenings.

Autumn: harvest season

The autumn weather in Sóller is, for many people, the best in the year; between the suffocating heat of the summer and the cold months of the winter. During sunlight you can feel the heat of the sun, but not too much, while the evenings are quite fresh.

In autumn you can do many outdoor activities in Majorca, but a favourite is to visit places which are not too crowded. If you visit Sóller at this time of the year, SólleRooms has everything you need to relax and enjoy the wonderful autumnal climate.

The most popular autumnal activities in Sóller are:

  • Harvest festivals.
  • Wine routes.
  • Cycling.
  • Beach walks.
  • Hiking and walking.
  • Hot air balloon rides.
  • Parties and events during the evening

Winter: cold weather, hot chocolate

The weather in Port de Sóller during winter is the opposite of what you would imagine and it’s a period of a lot of activity. Life in the town carries on during this season, when the average temperature is about 9°C, it’s time to wrap up warm and put away the light-weight clothes.

The list of things to do during winter in Sóller is long. These are some of them:

  • Touring wineries and doing wine tastings.
  • Gastronomy tours.
  • Visiting museums and historical places
  • Going to spas and having massages
  • Shopping at the markets
  • Going on the Sóller tram
  • Visiting lighthouses.
  • Drinking a hot chocolate or a warm drink in one of the cafes in the town

SólleRooms: relax and comfort any time of the year

One season is no better than the other to relax and enjoy the comforts of SólleRooms:  beautiful Mediterranean architecture offering comfort and luxury to all guests and visitors.

The time in Sóller slows down inside our four walls ensuring that your energy is renewed and recharged. After a day on the beach, on a excursion, walking or partying, there is nothing better than a restful sleep in one of our rooms. Our modern rooms maintain the charm of the Sóller culture and Majorcan traditions.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Sóller and stay in our comfortable hotel which will make you feel, without a doubt, like you are at home, and from where you can easily get to any part of the town. A central location from which you can wander around the narrow, medieval streets which will tell you the stories of those who walked them before.