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Travelling to Majorca and not enjoying a good sunset, many would say is a crime. Our island has many lovely spots from which you can see the magical sunset. 

The first thing you need to bear in mind, if one of your main plans is to enjoy the sunset in Majorca, is the season in which you are travelling. 

In winter and autumn, the days are shorter, and the sun sets earlier. On the other hand, you will find the latest sunsets in spring and summer, as the days are longer and it gets dark later.

However, if not knowing the exact time makes it difficult to enjoy this natural spectacle, don’t worry. On the internet you can check the exact time of the sunset on the day that you are planning to watch it.

Dreamy places to enjoy the sunset

The most well-known places to enjoy a good sunset are usually viewpoints, beaches, lighthouses, rooftops… not surprisingly! The sunset in Majorca is a real treat for nature lovers… or for those hopeless romantics.

So today, we are going to recommend 5 places to enjoy the sunset… where you will feel the world is at your feet. A complete privilege, let us surprise you!

Mirador de Sa Foradada

The ‘Mirador de Sa Foradada’ viewpoint is a classic. It never goes out of fashion. It’s always a good choice.

It’s in a very privileged location, in the heart of the ‘Serra de Tramuntana’ mountains, and it’s located in the Deià municipality, which is very close to our hotel.

‘Sa Foradada’ is, perhaps, the most romantic place to enjoy the sunset over the sea, according to those who have enjoyed a moment there. 

This spot offers breath-taking views of the sunset, blue waters which turn a mix of orange and red as the sun goes down. 

Do you know what makes it really special? The hole (Forat in Mallorquin), which you can see in the rock, is in the shape of Mallorca!  Isn’t that amazing?

Another way to enjoy the sunset at Sa Foradada is from the sea.  This will most definitely be an unforgettable experience.

Finca Son Marroig 

Son Marroig is a country estate in the municipality of Deià. It’s right next door to Sa Foradada, in fact, it was previously known as ‘Foradada de los Marroig’.

The well-known Son Marroig viewpoint is a marble temple set in an idyllic place. Many important celebrations such as weddings and baptisms take place here, which says everything about this amazing place.

Even though it is not free to get in it’s worth a visit, as it’s a place which perfectly combines nature and the heritage of this corner of Majorca with wonderful Mediterranean Sea views. 

Costa de la Calma

Another of the favourites of tourists and locals in Majorca is Costa de la Calma. Its name is no coincidence ‘The calm coast’.

It also has a beach bar where you can drink the best cocktails and have an amazing ‘pa amb oli’ for dinner with friends, while watching the sun go down over the beach. 

Located in Calvià, the areas around this place are dream-like, and we promise they will leave you speechless.

‘Mirador del Nudo de Corbata’ Viewpoint.

Another emblematic option on the island, also in the Tramuntana mountains, and best of all really close to our SólleRooms hotel, is the famous ‘Nudo de Corbata’ viewpoint.

This viewpoint is located on the road to Sa Calobra which starts from Escorca, close to the Gorg Blau reservoir, at the foot of Puig Major mountain and leads to ‘Cala Tuent’ beach. 

Talaia d’Albercutx

At 380 meters above sea level, you can find the ‘Talaia d’Albercutx’. A fun and romantic experience where you can enjoy the sunset on the island as it is one of Majorca’s most beautiful viewpoints and not very well-known.

The views from this spot are unbeatable. From here you can enjoy views over the ‘Cabo de Formentor’, the ‘Islote de Colomer’ small island, as well as Pollensa bay. 

Port of Sóller lighthouse

Located in the bay of Sóller, one of the most beautiful parts of the islands, you can find the ‘Punta de Sa Creu’ lighthouse. From here, you will enjoy stunning views of the sea and one of the most magical sunsets in Majorca.


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