A very special town

Sóller is a charming place, and nobody in their right mind would say otherwise. We want you to experience it first-hand, and the best way to do so is to stay in a hotel in the centre of Sóller, and at SólleRooms we want to become your place of rest and disconnection while you gradually fall in love with the town!

In a secluded valley of the Serra de Tramuntana lies the peaceful village of Sóller, surrounded by orange groves, mountains and nature. Its wonderful environment, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2011, makes Sóller the ideal destination for lovers of hiking and outdoor sports: walking the paths of the Dry Stone Route, exploring the streams and coves of the Serra de Tramuntana… You’ll have a thousand things to do!

Sóller is a small village in Mallorca in terms of population but big in terms of history. The stones with which its alleys, monuments and historical buildings are made tell legends of the heroic resistance of its inhabitants against pirate attacks and the landing of European modernism along with the train and tram. On your visit to Sóller, you can’t miss out on the cathedral of Sant Bartomeu de Sóller located in the Plaça Antoni Maura, the Museu de Ca’n Prunera or the Soller Botanical Garden, among many other things.

In the direction of the coast, just 5 km away by tram, is Port de Sóller: a small fishing village situated in a small bay that connects Sóller to the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to the historic tramway and a beautiful promenade in Port de Sóller, don’t miss the old oratory of Santa Caterina, today converted into the Museu de la Mar.

Visit Port de Sóller

At SólleRooms you will be staying in a hotel in the centre of Sóller. This means you’ll be able to walk through the charming streets of the town, marvel at the views from any point of the municipality, and soak up the magic of the Mediterranean. Only in Sóller do you have views of the Serra de Tramuntana wherever you look.

Although we love the heart of Sóller, and you’ll love it too, you can’t miss a visit to Port de Sóller either. You’ll fall in love with it all! With a journey time of less than thirty minutes, Sóller’s wooden tram will take you to the Port de Sóller across the 3km distance between them. Let us tell you something: the simple act of riding the Sóller tram will be an experience in itself.

What to do in Sóller

We’re all looking for great experiences when we travel or go on holiday, so you may be wondering what to do in Sóller. Are we right? Read on!

Sóller is a special place, surrounded by the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, and is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Mallorca. That’s why exploring it is the first thing you’ve got to put on your list of things to do in Sóller during your holidays.

Walking through the streets of Sóller you’ll find a multitude of small and charming shops that you won’t be able to resist entering, as most of them are located in traditional houses that keep all the magic of the authentic Mallorca.

The central plaza of Sóller, a stone’s throw from SólleRooms, is dominated by the imposing and beautiful church of San Bartolomé. The plaza is well known and will become one of your favourite places. It’s full of terraces and trees, a place to create memories, and will be witness to many of the unforgettable moments you have during your time in Mallorca.

Strolling around Port de Sóller will be one of your favourite ways to enjoy the pleasant Mediterranean climate, because the bay of Sóller has the kind of charm that everyone falls in love with – and everyone wants to go back again and again.

The weather in Sóller

On your visit to Mallorca, the weather won’t be a problem, as the weather in Sóller and the weather in Mallorca in general is always great. And if it rains… that’s okay, there are a thousand things to do even if it’s not outdoors!

With a mild winter and a fairly hot summer, the island is perfect to visit at any time of the year, and there are endless leisure, dining and entertainment options whatever time of the year it is.

In general, the weather in Sóller could be described as warm and mild. The town is located 45 metres above sea level, and its average temperature is 17.1ºC. October is when you are most likely to encounter rain on your trip, and July is when you are least likely to encounter rain. But, hey, Sóller on a winter’s day has a charm that we don’t advise that you miss.

Restaurants in Sóller

Spending a day exploring hidden corners of the island, wandering through the streets of Sóller, and finishing with a delicious dinner? It’s an ideal plan for your holidays in Mallorca, don’t you think? But if you pick up your dinner at one of the restaurants in Sóller and eat it in your room at SólleRooms or in our inner courtyard… that’s another level!

Enjoying the food of the restaurants in Sóller from the balcony of your room with views of the Serra de Tramuntana is one of the experiences that you just can’t miss out on during your time on the island, and not even in the most exclusive restaurants in Sóller can you enjoy a privacy and a landscape similar to the one you’ll have in your room at SólleRooms.

At SólleRooms, we want to be much more than just a room for your accommodation in Sóller. We want to be the backdrop to the beautiful memories you’ll create during your holidays, we want your stay in our small charming hotel in Sóller to be an experience, and, above all, we want you to want to come back before you have even left. We’re waiting for you!

Your accommodation in Sóller

The decoration of our hotel in Sóller maintains the Mallorcan and Mediterranean essence both in its rooms and in the common areas, creating that special atmosphere it’s so well-known for.