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A guest house hotel, is a type of accommodation which offers a service between a bed & breakfast and a hotel.  These kinds of hotels can be found in abundance in many countries, and in many different varieties. 

SólleRooms is more than a hotel. It’s a place that truly emulates your home, set in a picturesque, old Majorcan street. It’s the ideal place to stay in Sóller, to enjoy a romantic getaway or a few days away from your daily routine.

The construction of SólleRooms isn’t just a simple imitation of the local architecture, the hotel is actually in a real Majorcan house that has been modified and adapted to its new use right in the centre of Sóller. From the moment you arrive you will experience a journey through time and you will totally disconnect from your day to day.

Guest House hotel: a unique alternative

Among the many characteristics that differentiate a traditional hotel from a guest house, is that the staff are not always physically present in the building. In most cases, it’s a big house or property which has been converted into accommodation. 

From its definition, it starts to be different from other types of accommodation. Sometimes it can be confused with a B&B (Bed & Breakfast), but in a guest house the owner doesn’t actually live there, whereas in a B&B they do.

In terms of the use of space, the communal areas of the building are used exclusively by guests. Some establishments include services, such as breakfast or other meals, drinks, and cocktails. 

Although, in some ways it’s similar to a hostel, the guest house hotel can accommodate solo travellers or couples. Generally speaking, it has a more peaceful atmosphere than a hostel or traditional hotel.

SólleRooms: a hotel in Sóller

A throwback to the olden days, that’s Sóller, considered one of the prettiest towns in Spain and definitely in Majorca. The Sant Bartomeu church, with a neogothic layout, the Sóller bank, and artwork by Joan Rubió y Bellver, are icons of this beautiful town. 

A large number of businesses can be found in the narrow-cobbled streets which showcase the history of one of this island’s towns, and its great proliferation in times past. The Majorcan architecture and some palaces with French influence can be enjoyed by simply walking around the town.

SólleRooms is by no means detached from the Majorcan culture. Every corner of the place tells stories and allows you to feel the essence of living in a true piece of Majorcan architecture. Nevertheless, the modernity is not set aside, it is in perfect harmony with tradition.

The hotel is decorated elegantly and tastefully with the Majorcan fabric ‘Roba de Llengües’, as well as with natural stone which is commonly seen in any period house in this area of Majorca. This is reflected in the environment and captivates the guests, which can feel the Mediterranean air and Mallorquin connections, from the moment they arrive.

SólleRooms is a hotel that has been a monastery and a family home throughout its history.  These days it is a guest house, offering a high-end service, with first-class service so that its guests have comfort and privacy in a homely setting. 

What to do in Sóller?

Perhaps the most typical thing to do in such a charming place that is full of surprises such as Sóller, is to go out for a walk and visit, one by one, the architectural and natural delights, especially due to the large number of tourists which visit its streets throughout the whole year.

Among the most visited places are:

  • The ‘Plaza de la constitución’, in the heart of Sóller
  • The ‘Sant Bartolomé’ church
  • The bank of Sóller
  • ‘Sa Lluna’ street, the old medieval shopping street
  • The modernist museum ‘Can Prunera’
  • The ‘Vinyassa’ vegetable garden

The Sóller market

The Sóller market is open every morning. However, every Saturday there is also a market in ‘Plaza des Mercat’ square. It’s a great place to get typical products from the area. At the train station you can visit the ‘Fet a Sóller’ (Made in Sóller) shop, where you will find the most traditional Majorcan handmade products.  

A trip back in time by train

If you come to Sóller from Palma, there is the possibility to do so on an antique wooden train which passes through the mountains. From the moment you depart from the station, whose construction has a modernist touch, until your arrival in the town of Sóller, you will have a romantic and wonderful journey. 

The Port of Sóller

The Port of Sóller is an excellent place to start an excursion on the sea, which you can organise in the same port. You can also do a trip along the coast and reach a hidden place to go hiking, if walking in nature is your thing.

Also, you can climb up to the ‘Cabo Gros’ lighthouse, a stunning viewpoint with amazing views of the natural surroundings.