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Are you thinking about spending your holiday in Majorca? Without a doubt, Majorca is a good choice of destination, since you can enjoy a relaxing holiday with your partner. If you ask yourself when the best moment is to visit the island, from SólleRooms we would suggest that the best time to have a holiday in Majorca is during the summer months.

If you come to Majorca for a holiday, you will appreciate the stunning views across the beautiful landscape and enjoy the wonderful beaches and coves with turquoise waters, as well as getting to know the island and its history.

Accommodation in Sóller

One of the best towns that you can choose in Majorca is undoubtedly Sóller. If you don’t know which accommodation in Sóller would be best for spending time with your partner, our hotel SólleRooms could be the ideal option. At SólleRooms you can enjoy the peace and quiet that you are looking for, as it’s an adult only hotel.

In SólleRooms you can choose from 3 different types of room. Pick the one which suits you and your pocket best. Regarding the decor of each of the rooms we would say that they have a similar style, but the quality of the installations increases depending on the category of the room.  As for the communal areas, all the spaces in SólleRooms are designed for our guests to relax in and enjoy the peace that they need during their holiday in Majorca.

In terms of the services and facilities in SólleRooms, we must tell you about our patio. It’s a wonderful place where you can disconnect and enjoy a drink with your partner outside. Additionally, it’s important to emphasize that from SólleRooms you can easily access all the main tourist attractions as it is very well located right in the centre of Sóller.

What is there to do in Sóller?

The town of Sóller is the ideal place to go for a walk, enjoy and get to know its surroundings. From SólleRooms we would like to tell you about what you can do in Sóller, so that your holiday in Majorca is as enjoyable as possible.

Port of Sóller

You can walk along the promenade of Port Sóller while enjoying amazing views of the boats and the traditional fishermen’s houses. At the same time you can also go for a drink or eat in some of the restaurants in the Port of Sóller. In Sóller you can catch the tram which links the centre of Sóller (close to the hotel) with the Port of Sóller, going along the coast.

Sóller train

One of the most popular activities for tourists to get to know our island of Majorca more is the Sóller train. It starts from Plaza España in Palma and goes to Plaza de la Constitución in Sóller. During the journey you can discover different villages of our island. We would also recommend visiting the Alfabia gardens.

Sóller market

If you are a lover of handmade products, the Sóller market could be one of your favourite places. The Sóller market is ideal for those who want to enjoy the wonderful traditional products, textiles, gifts, plants and food. The Sóller maket is open every Saturday from 9am to 2pm.

Coves near Sóller

Withoubt a doubt, the best activity to do during your summer holiday in Majorca is to go for a swim and enjoy a relaxing day with your partner. The coves that you can find near Sóller are Playa d’en Repic, Cala Deià, Cala Tuent and the port of Sóller.

Repic beach

It is located just 46 minutes walking from our SólleRooms hotel. By car it is just 13 minutes away. It is important to mention that there is car park at Repic beach. Another way of getting to Repic beach is by public transport.

Cala Deià

Cala Deià can be found in the northwest of Majorca, just 33 minutes by car from SólleRooms. It is a little bit further away, but it is worth the effort to go there and enjoy the views and a relaxing day with your partner.

Cala Tuent

Cala Tuent is 1 hour 5 minute journey by car and as it is a little bit off the beaten tourist track, you can enjoy a completely relaxing day away from the noise of the city. We must mention that the beach is quite small but it is totally worth a visit.

Port of Sóller beach

The beach of the Port of Sóller is 16 minutes away from our hotel SólleRooms. If you stay in Sóller you can’t miss the opportunity to swim and enjoy the touristy activities on offer at the beach in the Port of Sóller.