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At SólleRooms we specialise in making your holiday more relaxing in an environment surrounded by the town of Sóller.  Our hotel is designed in a traditional Majorcan style with modern touches so that it is still a traditional Majorcan hotel while being modern at the same time.

Getaways to Mallorca 

If you want to get away to Majorca and you’re looking for a place with peace and quiet, you’ll find it in the centre of Sóller.  Sóller is a small town but with a lot of history.  Therefore, we’d like you to stay in our hotel SólleRooms so you can get to know some of our traditions.  Although it’s a small town there are many places to visit.  The Port of Sóller is one of them.  If you like to make plans during your holidays, the Tramuntana Mountains are the ideal place for activities.  You can go on trips and hikes in the mountains if you like physical activity or if you’d prefer something more relaxed you can visit some of Majorca’s many beaches and coves.

Majorca’s Gastronomy

In addition to the beautiful scenery in Majorca, we also have on our island another specialty: food!  In the Tramuntana Mountains, very near our hotel in Majorca SólleRooms, you can find many restaurants in which to enjoy some of the typical Majorcan dishes, with spectacular views.

Port of Sóller

In our hotel SólleRooms you will be staying in a hotel in the centre of Sóller.  If you would like to explore the area, you could visit the Port of Sóller which is a beautiful port in Majorca that you just can’t miss.  With the wooden tram that connects Sóller and the Port of Sóller, you’ll be there in just 30 minutes, and you can then enjoy the scenery of the Port of Sóller for as long as you wish.

The weather in Sóller

In Majorca we have an excellent climate: the Mediterranean climate.  Majorca is a place in which you can make plans during every season and what better way to enjoy it than staying at our hotel in Sóller, SólleRooms.  The weather in Sóller is normally warm and mild as it is situated at sea level with an average temperature throughout the year of 17ºC.

The Sóller Train

 One of the privileges of the town of Sóller is most definitely the Sóller train. The Sóller train is a train made of wood with large windows allowing you to take in all the scenery while you enjoy the ride.  You can see the amazing views across Majorca and the Tramuntana Mountains from the train.  To make the most of all of this, stay in our hotel in Sóller.


The town of Sóller is the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing holiday.  The ‘Plaza de la Constitución’ in Sóller is located in the centre of the town.  In the centre you can visit Sóller’s historical monuments as well as the most emblematic buildings.

Festivities in Sóller

One of the most important and well-known festivities in Sóller is ‘Firó’.  It is when we remember the pirate pillaging that Sóller endured on 11th May 1561.  In August we celebrate Saint Bartholomew, the patron saint of the town, with a fire spectacle called ‘correfoc’ (the fire run) in which hell takes over Earth.  The demons from the local group ‘Esclatabutzes’ invade the main square the ‘Plaza de la Constitución following an introductory display.  The festivities end with a ‘correaigua’ where the local firemen and members of the group cool the participants down with water.

What is there to see in Sóller?

In Sóller there are many places to see and visit.  We will now tell you about some of the places where you can go and soak up the atmosphere of the town.  The Bank of Sóller is a symbol of magnificence, a modernist building on which you can see the wonderful façade and the decorative elements that combine with the church.  Take a walk down ‘Carrer de Sa Lluna’ to discover the history found in the irregular pieces that make up the walls.  You can’t miss it!

Shopping in Sóller

Don’t miss the opportunity to go shopping in Sóller. It is without a doubt one of the best things to do if you’re staying at our hotel SólleRooms.  Walking around Sóller you’ll find many shops selling locally handmade goods, continuing the Sóller tradition of quality and innovation.


 At SólleRooms we have Mediterranean style rooms that are full of home comforts.  The rooms are cosy with the essence of Majorcan tradition.  They are all decorated with a modern yet Mediterranean style.

We also have an interior patio, decorated in the traditional style of Sóller.  A place where every detail reflects the typical charm and tradition of the town.  You can also find a small chill out zone perfect for relaxing.  We are waiting for you!