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Are you in Mallorca and looking for a hotel in the centre of Sóller? Congratulations, Hotel
SólleRooms is for you!

Our hotel in the centre of Sóller, SólleRooms, was once a traditional Majorcan house.Throughout its history it has been a monastery as well as a family home but following afull refurbishment it has been transformed into the charming hotel that it is today inSóller.

The Majorcan tradition is still present in all the corners of SólleRooms, always with that
unique touch that combines tradition and contemporaneity in perfect harmony. The
traditional Majorcan fabric ‘La roba de llengües’ and the natural stone are the focus for
the decoration of this hotel in Sóller, giving it a Majorcan and Mediterranean feel that
captivates all those who visit.

From the hotel SólleRooms, a short distance from the ‘Plaza de la Constitución’ in Sóller,
you can explore the town on foot, wandering through the streets and learning more about
Sóller, the Tramuntana Mountains and Majorca in general.

SólleRooms: A hotel in the centre of Sóller

The fantastic location of our hotel SólleRooms is ideal for those who wish to stay in a hotel in the centre of Sóller. This is just one of the many advantages and characteristics that make SólleRooms the best option for accommodation in Sóller.

All of the shops, restaurants and pubs are close to SólleRooms, which can be found in the heart of the town of Sóller, just one block away from main the square.

One of the most beautiful towns in Majorca is Sóller. Not only because it is surrounded by the impressive Tramuntana Mountains but also for its distinctive character and the beauty of its streets where you’ll find magnificent structures, beautiful houses, and the characteristic church of Saint Bartholomew in the middle of the square.

The tram that runs between Sóller and the Port of Sóller passes through the same square that is just a minute from the hotel, another reason why it is the ideal place for your holiday in Sóller.

What can you do from the hotel SólleRooms?

There are many things that you can do from our hotel SólleRooms. With such a perfect location, right in the centre of Sóller, it’s possible to enjoy the town without having to invest more than necessary:

Travel on the train from Palma to Sóller

Many visitors like to combine a trip on the tram with a trip on the Sóller railway. Seeing as you’re in the town, you can make the most of walking down to the Port of Sóller via the GR221 (a long hiking trail), spend a few hours there and then get the tram back to the town of Sóller.

The wooden tram of Sóller is touristy but it’s also a fun way to travel. The journey takes about 20 minutes, going past the back gardens of the houses in the town and small orange orchards before returning to the centre of Sóller.

Explore the Port of Sóller

The Port of Sóller is about 5 kms from Sóller and we use it as a base to visit the area. There are plenty of places to eat outside, a variety of accommodation and boat trips.

If you’re still there at the end of the afternoon when the fishing boats come back to the port, go and see how the fishermen sort their catch. We would recommend taking a walk around the yachts and enjoying the coast of the Port of Sóller.

Visit the restaurants in Sóller

An experience that you must enjoy during your stay on the island is eating in one of Sóller’s restaurants. Discover the local cuisine in the restaurants of Sóller and the Port of Sóller. Even in the most exclusive restaurants in Sóller you won’t experience the privacy and the views that you’ll get from your room in our hotel SólleRooms.

At SólleRooms we aim to offer something more than just a place to sleep when you visit Sóller. We hope to share some incredible memories with you while you are on holiday. We also hope that your stay in our traditional and picturesque hotel in the centre of Sóller is memorable.

Enjoy cycling in the mountains of Sóller

Both road cycling and mountain biking are extremely popular ways that we at SólleRooms use to explore the mountains surrounding Sóller.

The roads from Sóller to the Tramuntana mountains offer road-cycling lovers great challenges with many sinuous climbs and downhill stetches. We can provide you with a guide for mountain biking which is especially important as a large part of the land is private property and that way you won’t have any problems enjoying cycling tourism in Sóller.