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The Sóller train has connected Palma for over a 100 years, with this beautiful town in Majorca. It is the only wooden train in Majorca. It began operating in 1912, and it is one of the few private trains in Spain. 

Its character is unique. It is made of wood and has beautiful windows which allow you to see the wonderful views of Majorca and the tramuntana mountains throughout the whole journey.

The train leaves from ‘Plaza España’ of Palma de Majorca and arrives to the ‘Plaza de la constitución’ in Sóller. Along the way it makes different stops. Some of the most interesting ones are the Bunyola village and the Alfabia gardens, both places are unique and full of spots to visit. 

If you want to know all about the Sóller train and Sóller, today we recommend some things which can not be missed during your holiday in Majorca. Also we will share with you all the information about our hotel in Sóller, the perfect place to relax in Majorca.


Sóller is an idilic town in the tramuntana mountains, located on the northwest coast of Majorca. It is a quiet town full of tradition. Additionally, it has different museums to visit, a beautiful port with restaurants by the sea and a wonderful beach.

The ‘Plaza constitución’ in Sóller is a place full of atmosphere, from where you can see some of the historical monuments and the most important buildings in the town. From the bank of Sóller to the spectacular church, these buildings show us different architecture which Sóller is famous for. 

The port of Sóller is also one of the most visited places in this majorcan town. Here you can walk aloing the promenade and enjoy the different restaurants with majorcan cuisine. You can also see the most typical boats in Majorca, known as ‘Llaüts’.

Close to Sóller you can also visit wonderful villages which are typical of the tramuntana mountains, such as Deià or Fornalutx. Both in Sóller and in these two neighbouring villages

you can see the famous construction technique called ‘Piedra en seco’ which gives to the tramuntana mountains the World Heritage site recognition. 

Things to do in Sóller

Visiting museums, getting to know its history, hiking, boat trips… There are a large variety of things to do in Sóller! We are going to recommend all the things you cannot miss. 

Because Sóller is located in the tramuntana mountains, there are a lot of hiking routes. From this beautiful town you can reach different neighbouring towns and the most natural coves in the area. For those who are looking for total relaxation, doing a boat trip is the perfect plan.

Visiting the alfabia gardens is without a doubt a perfect plan for sunny days. This majorcan country house has one of the most beautiful gardens in Majorca. It is a historical house surrounded by Majorca’s native flora 

Another option is visiting the different museums in Sóller. You will find various museums to visit, all of them very different from each other. There are some of art, but others like the Balearic Natural science museum where you will learn all about the Balearic island.

Train & Tram of Sóller 

If you have got this far it is because you want to know all about the Sóller train and therefore its tram. The Sóller train goes from Palma to Sóller, while the tram goes from Sóller to the port. 

The Sóller train has a timetable with departures every hour from 8am to 5pm, so you can enjoy the journey all day long. The rates depend on the route you take, so if you would like more information, do not hesitate to visit their website. 

One of the main characteristcs of the Sóller train is that it is a narrow railway. It is 914mm wide, which very unusual and therefore needs original materials and special maintenance. Additionally, its spectacular route will allow you to see the tramuntana mountains from a unique view point.

On the other hand, the Sóller tram was opened one year after the train, to connect the town with the port. The majority of its carriages are original and have the same essence and charm as Sóller train. 


SólleRooms is located just a few steps away from the ‘Plaza Constitución’ of Sóller. This hotel in Sóller has rooms with a mediterranean style full of comforts, but it also has communal areas where you can rest and relax.

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