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If you want to get to know the tramuntana mountains, one way you could do it is through the flavours and restaurants in the tramuantana mountains. It is a way of getting to know the most typical dishes of the majorcan gastronomy, at the same time as enjoying the wonderful views and scenery.

During your holiday in Majorca, do not miss a visit to the tramuntana mountains. Even though there are many places to visit on the island, this spot has something magical. After visiting the well-known beaches in Majorca and the beatiful city of Palma, you must explore the tramuntana mountains

 The tramuntana mountains are all the mountains located along the west-coast of Majorca. Their name comes from the typical wind which tends to blow in this part of Majorca, known as the Tramuntana wind. Some of the highest peaks of the tramuntana mountains are Puig Major and Lluc.

If you want to know everthing about the tramuntana mountains, the villages you find here and the restaurants where you will enjoy trying the Majorcan gastronomy as well as the Spanish gastronomy… Keep reading this post! Also, in order to complete your experience, we will also recommend the perfect hotel in Majorca.

Tramuntana Mountains 

Declared a Unesco World heritage site since 2011, the highest peaks in Majorca hide all kinds of special places which capture everybody that visits them. Among them there are a multitude of excursions which you can do in the tramuntana mountains.

Suitable for cyclists and hikers, there are routes for everyone. From short, flat walks, to longer, more challeging walks from the professionals. In addition, the same goes for the cyclists who come to get to know Majorca on their bikes. You will find cycling routes perfect for you and for those with you.

In all these routes you will find out why the tramuntana mountains are declared a world heritage site. It is because of the way of constructing the walls in this area of Majorca, known as ‘Dry stone technique’. This unique way of construction has been carrried out in the tramuntana mountains for hundreds of years.

Restaurants in the tramuntana mountains

To really get to know all of the tramuntana mountains you need to visit the villages, and also the restaurants in the tramuntana moutnains. It is a good way to discover the most traditional products of the island. For that reason we want to recommmend some of our favourite restaurants in the tramuntana mountains.

El Vasco, a restaurant located between Bunyola and Sóller, is the perfect place to sample the Spanish gastronomy. It is a restaurant with typical dishes from Spain such as ‘tortilla de patata’, ‘Oxtail’ or tasty pieces of meat.

On the other side of the mountain, we can find Can Costa. Located in Valldemossa, it has a traditional majorcan menu. In all of the starters, you can enjoy the flavours of Majorca. After that, you can order an ‘arroz brut’. It is one of the most typical majorcan dishes. You can finish off with a delicious ‘Gató Mallorquín’, one of the most popular desserts. 

Can Antuna is another spectacular restaurant. Apart from its amazing menu, this place is magical due to its location. It is located in Fornalutx, one of the most beautiful villages in Majorca. It has incredible views down the valley and of the majestic tramuntana mountains.

Finally, we would like to recommend a restaurant in the tramuntana mountains known as Ses Oliveres. It is a restaurant located in the port of Sóller, where you can enjoy fresh fish and all kinds of dishes from the sea. Without a doubt, it has some totally different dishes.


After our recommendations about restaurants in the tramuntana mountains, we would like to recommend a hotel in Sóller. SólleRooms is a place where you can disconnect and have an unforgettable holiday. Located in the heart of Sóller, it has beautiful views of the tramuntana mountains.

Our hotel has a relaxed mediterranean style, so you can feel the essence of our island throughout your stay. Choosing SólleRooms as a place to relax, will become an experience you will never forget.

The rooms of SólleRooms have everything you need to make you feel like at home, so you can enjoy the time for yourself. Among our facilites you can also disover majorcan patios typical of the island. The different communal areas are designed for you to lose track of time.

In addition, the location of our hotel is just perfect. Located just a few metres away from the ‘Plaza de la constitución’ in Sóller, and also unique spots like Fornalutx, Port de Sóller and the Alfabia Gardens.