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The first thing you need to organise if you are travelling to Majorca is in which hotel you are goingo to stay. There are many options, you should pick the one which suits you best. For that reason, today we are going to help you choose a hotel in Majorca.

One of the besst places to stay in Majorca is in the wonderful Tramuntana mountains. It is the biggest mountain range of the balearic islands and there are some unique spots. Additionally, some of the most beautiful villages in Majorca are located in these mountains.

If you are wondering where to relax in Majorca, let us recommend our beautiful hotel in Majorca. Located in Sóller, a chmaring town close to the Majorcan coast. We are going to tell you more about its characteristics, its surroundings and the thousands of options you will have if you stay at our hotel in Sóller. Would you like to know more? Keep reading!

Tramuntana Mountains

The Tramuntana mountains are 87km long, crossing a large part of the north coast of Majorca. They cover over 30,000 hectares  and the highets peak is Puig Mayor, at 1,445m above sea level.

The Tramuntana mountains also keeps many other secrets which make them special. Among them, some of the most beautiful cycling routes in Majorca and some of the most spectacular hiking routes on the island. In addition, you will also find unique majorcan beaches in the tramuntana mountains.

Cala Deià or Cala Tuent are examples of the coves along the nort coast. They are usually stony beaches surrounded by cliffs, so access is sometimes complicated. However, these majoran beaches  have crystal clear water ideal for snorkeling.

Since 2011 the Tramuntana mountains have been listed as a Unesco World Heritage site. This proves the value of this area of Majorca. One of the most outstanding things is the ‘Piedra en seco’ dry stone. The dry stone is a method of construction which characterizes the buildings in the tramuntana mountains.


Sóller is one of the majorcan towns located in the tramuntana mountains. Located on the northwest coast of Majorca, it has a beautiful port known as Port de Sóller.

One of the main characteristics of Sóller are the different styles of buildings that you can find in the main square. In the constitutipon square of Sóller you can find a gothic style church, while the town hall and the bank are modernist style. This square is the place to start and get to know the charming town of Sóller.

Sóller also has a unique train. For more than 100 years, this classic, wooden train has connected the centre of Palma with this Majorcan town. It leaves from palma’s plaza de España and it reaches the Port of Sóller. The Sóller train makes 3 stops. The first is the Alfabia gardenes, the second is Sóller, and the third is the Port of Sóller. 

Choosing a hotel in Sóller is the perfect opion if you want to be close to both the Traumuntana mountains and the sea. In the Port of Sóller you can enjoy beautiful beaches, as well as an area full of amostphere with bars and restaurants where you can try typical majorcan food.

Hotel in Sóller

Among the different hotels in Majorca, choosing a hotel in Sóller is a fantastic decision. In this way you will be near one of the most beautiful areas in Majorca and, at the same time, close to the tramuntana mountains as well as various majorcan beaches.

Additionally, thanks to the Sóller train and other public transport, you will be able to move around the island easily. These are some of the advantages of staying in a hotel in Sóller, but there are also many others that you can’t miss.


SólleRooms is a unique hotel in Sóller. It is a new concept of hotel in Majorca. At SólleRooms we endevaour to provide idilic accommodation that makes you feel at home. Our aim is that you disconnect completely during your holiday to Majorca.

Our rooms and facilities are built in an authentic majorcan house, refurbished to give life to SólleRooms. The decoration is charming and keeps the mediterranean essence and majorcan traditions.

You can rest while enjoying unique views of the tramuntana mountains from our comfy rooms. Also, you can enjoy our interior patio and other spots at SólleRooms perfect for disconnecting.

SólleRooms is located in the heart of Sóller, so you can walk around the town and get to know all of it easily. In addition, Sóller is well connected to the Port of Sóller, so you can easily reach this beautiful port in Majorca.

If you are planning your holiday in Majorca, choose SólleRooms as your hotel in Majorca. Something unique that you deserve to experience.