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Sóller is a wonderful town located in the Tramuntana mountains, which surely you have heard of. If not… we are going to tell you all about it! Even though it is only a few km away from Palma, the atmosphere in Sóller is totally different. Surrounded by the mountains & sea, it is the perfect place to spend your holiday in Majorca.

For these reasons choosing Sóller as the place to stay in Majorca, is the best option if you wish to be near Palma, but at the same time enjoy the Majorcan coast and the highest peaks on the island.

We are going to tell you about Sóller and its surroundings and all the things you cannot miss during your trip to Majorca. The tramuntana mountains, the beautiful train which links Sóller with Palma, the port of Sóller… Amazing places are waiting for you!

Tramuntana mountains

The highest peaks of Majorca can be found in the Tramuntana mountains. They are located on the coast from Andratx to Pollensa. Their name comes from the wind which is characteristic of this area, known as the tramuntana winds.

Additionally, the tramuntana mountains have some unique spots, which led to them being declared as a UNESCO world heritage site. The main reason it was named a world heritage site is the well-known ‘’dry stone technique’’, which is a way of construction only found in this area of Majorca.

You can do many different things in the Tramuntana mountains. One of the highlights are the different hiking routes available in these moutains. There are hikes in the Tramuntana mountains which are suitable for everyone. Longer, shorter, harder or easier…

Sóller train

The Sóller train is one of the many tourist attractions in this Majorcan town. Departing from Palma and with only 4 stops, this train is an icon of the town as well as the whole island.

Since 1911 the Sóller train has connected the capital of Majorca with Sóller. It is the only train of its type on the island, which makes it even more special.. The Sóller train has a charm which can only be appreciated if you do the entire journey. After leaving the city, you will find yourself amongst mountains and you will end up next to the sea.

As we have already mentioned, the train leaves Palma, specifically from the Plaza España. After that, it stops in the village of Bunyola and right after in the wonderful Alfabia gardens, and finally it stops in the Plaza de la constitución in Sóller. From there you can catch an electric tram to the port of Sóller. It is worth choosing this option to move around Sóller to the port or to Palma.

Port of Sóller

The port of Sóller is the coastal area of this wonderful town in Majorca. It is known for its long promenade next to the sea and its large natural port. Also, it is an area full of atmosphere, restaurants & bars where you can enjoy the typical majorcan food.

There are places you cannot miss in the port of Sóller. Going up to the old mountain refuge, where the lighthouse of Sóller is, and seeing the panoramic views of the sea and Sóller are really worth it. It can be done by foot or by car.

Another perfect plan is walking along the promenade of the port of Sóller and seeing the different majorcan style boats. There is also a museum in the port of Sóller known as ‘Museo del Mar Sea Museum’. This tells the story of the connection between the port and the sea, and also the history of Sóller, among other things.

Villages near Sóller

If you want to visit the most wonderful villages in Majorca, Sóller is one of them. Thanks to its construction and different characteristics, it is a typical town in the tramuntana mountains.  However, there are other villages very close by which are also beautiful and unique.

From Sóller there is a coastal road which takes you to Deia, which is one of the most characteristic villages in Majorca. It could be due to its popularity in the 70’s or for being the place where famous people such as Michael Douglas, chose as the place to spend their holiday in Majorca.

Another village which is close to Sóller is Fornalutx. Its narrow streets and architecture made it known as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. It is a mountain village ideal for spending a winter’s day.


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