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Majorca has a large variety of different activities to do. Sea, mountains, the city… Thanks to the huge diversity of different areas an.d landscapes of the island, you can do completely different activities in Majorca.

Getting to know the main Majorcan towns, discovering places with history of the island or enjoying very different views from Majorca. These are some of the activities that you can do in Majorca, both in winter and summer. Thanks to the weather in Majorca, it is always a good moment to organize your holiday in Majorca.

Majorca is the biggest of the Balearic Islands. Among many things, it is known for its paradise beaches and for its special Tramuntana mountains. Its crystal clear waters attract thousands of people every year, but also its hiking and cycling routes that you can find all around the island.

If you want to know more about the activities you can do in Majorca, keep reading this blog, we will tell you all about it!

Day trip by boat and train

One of the most special activities in Majorca is the combination of a day trip by boat and train. First, you take the Sóller train from the Plaza de España in the centre of Palma. The train will take you to the coast, more specifically, the port of Sóller.

This train is, without a doubt, unique. It is made of wood and it started running in 1912. From then, it has connected Palma with the port of Sóller, but it stops 3 times before reaching its final destination. The first stop is Bunyola, a charming typical majorcan village. The second is the majestic Alfabia gardens, a place with an individual history. The last stop is Sóller town, from where you can catch the tram if you wish to visit the port of this town. 

Once the Sóller train leaves you in the port of Sóller, you will have the option of getting on a boat and getting to know the Majorcan coast. Specifically the north coast. Amongst the cliffs you will discover incredible natural coves or spectacular places like La Calobra. Undoubtedly a different way of visiting the best hidden corners in Majorca.

A hot air balloon ride

Another totally different plan which is suitable for anyone who does not have vertigo, are the hot air balloon rides. From various places on the island you can enjoy going up into the sky and seeing Majorca from the air.

It is a very different way of getting to know Majorca. It is a unique experience in which you will feel that you are constantly at a look-out point. In reality that is exactly what it is. You won’t have to move to see many different places in Majorca. You just have to relax and enjoy the trip.

The hot air balloon rides in Majorca usually take place first thing in the morning. In this way you will see the sunrise from an incredible place, the hot air balloon in such a special place, Majorca. It is truly amazing!

Caves in Majorca

In Majorca there are lots of caves, both well-known and natural. If you wish to visit the caves in Majorca there are different options. Among those, the famous Drach or dels Hams Caves.

In these caves you can access and walk through different areas. You can even find the biggest stalactite in Europe! Additionally they were the first caves opened to the public in Spain. They have been open since 1910.

On the other hand you can visit less well-known caves in Majorca. It is an option for the more adventurous, as they are located by the sea and most of the time you have to dive to get to them. An example is the Coloms Cave. From there you can see undergound lakes, stalactites and rocky tunnels. The route is about 6 hrs, so make sure you go with plenty of energy to be able to enjoy this day trip in Majorca.

Get to know Palma de Mallorca 

Coming to Majorca and not visiting its capital, is without a doubt, a mistake. Especially as it only takes a day to see the main monuments in the city and in this way you can get to know Palma de Mallorca.

From the iconic Palma cathedral, to the Bellver castle or the Almudaina Palace. All of these places are a must-see during your holiday in Majorca.


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