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Majorca is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, which is ideal for spending unforgettable holidays. Some of the fundamental pillars which make Majorca so special, are the climate, the beaches with crystal-clear waters, the spectacular natural environment and of course the wide offer for tourists. 

Majorca has around 300 days of sun a year, so whenever you come, you will find everything you need in Majorca for a holiday full of relaxation and fun.

Another reason why Majorca attracts so many tourists throughout the year, is the natural environment native to the islands in the Mediterranean Sea. While enjoying the hiking in Majorca, you will discover some of the most magical spots in Majorca.

If you are a bit afraid of going into the Majorcan mountains and getting lost, you have nothing to fear, since the majority of the routes are well signposted and there are different levels of difficulty so you can find the best route for you.


Excursions in Majorca 


Going on excursions in Majorca is a magnificent idea and a great way to enjoy the weather in Majorca throughout most of the year.

The Majorcan mountains stand out for having a wide variety of native vegetation and fabulous fauna. Without a doubt, going on an excursion in Majorca is a good way to relax and enjoy the beauty of the island of Majorca. 

In Majorca you can find the most popular routes in the Tramuntana mountains, but we also recommend exploring routes in the ‘Serra de Llevant’, in the southeast of Majorca. You will find unique views from the mountains and you can enjoy the nature and the surroundings of Majorca.


Hiking in the Tramuntana mountains


Hiking in the Tramuntana mountains is an ideal way to enjoy the best excursions in Majorca. One of the advantages of hiking in the Tramuntana mountains, is that there are a large variety of routes to choose from, depending on your preferences. You will get to know the flora and fauna of Majorca firsthand.

You can go hiking in the Tramuntana mountains throughout the whole year, thanks to the climate in Majorca which is great for most of the year.

For all these reasons we would like to recommend that you come to the Tramuntana mountains and start enjoying the wonderful views and the hidden beaches.






Sóller town is one of the most outstanding towns in the Tramuntana mountains. This town stands out due to its authenticity and its singular style of the ‘dried stone’ technique.

One of the best plans in Sóller for tourists who come on holiday to Majorca, is to go for a ride on the Sóller train.

However, if you’d like to see the flora and fauna of Majorca, we recommend visiting the Alfabia Gardens.  A typical Majorcan house surrounded by beautiful flowers.

On the other hand, if you come to Sóller, it is essential to go for a walk around the Port of Sóller, so you can enjoy the beauty of the area as well as Majorca’s good weather.  The Port of Sóller is known for being a place with a great atmosphere and is full of life.  For this reason, in Sóller you can find the best restaurants offering typical Majorcan food.







It’s normal that, after reading all of this information, you really want to come on holiday to Majorca and start discovering the streets and magical spots on this wonderful island.  In SólleRooms we offer you a place to stay that is tranquil and comfortable where you have everything you need to enjoy an amazing holiday exploring the island of Majorca.

SólleRooms is the perfect hotel for your stay in Sóller.  Our hotel is located right in the centre of the town of Sóller.  Even though our facilities are modern, our hotel allows you to enjoy the most typical and traditional elements of the Mediterranean style.

In addition, the views from the bedrooms will not leave anyone indifferent, as from the windows you can see the tiled rooftops typical of the houses in Sóller as well as the traditional stone houses in Sóller.  You can also see the wonderful Tramuntana mountains in the background.

The harmony and tranquility that SólleRooms offers you make this perfect place to rest and enjoy your holidays in Mallorca.  For this reason and many more, we look forward to welcoming you in SólleRooms.