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Port de Sóller is a coastal location in Majorca situated among the most beautiful mountains on the island. It is a small port known for its wonderful promenade, its variety of restaurants and the tram which runs through its streets.

Port de Sóller offers many activities and things to do. You will be able to do excursions and reach beautiful places such as Faro des Cap Gros, where you will enjoy panoramic views of the village and the Mediterranean sea. 

You can sail, dive and get to know the marine life, but if you are looking for something more relaxing you can lay on the beach and enjoy your favourite book. If you want to know more about Majorca, there are different museums at the Port de Sóller. 


Sóller is a town in the Tramuntana Mountains where you will get to know different sides of Majorca: its mountains,villages and coast. In addition, you will have sandy beaches as well as small hidden coves, so you can choose depending on what you are looking for during your holiday in Majorca. 

In Sóller and the Port of Sóller you can discover and enjoy different types of cuisine. Among them, the majorcan gastronomy. This will allow you to taste the most typical dishes of the island and the most common products rom Majorca, such as the ‘tomates de ramallet, sobrasada, pan moreno…’

Another thing you can discover in Sóller is the most typical construction style in the Tramuntana mountains. Also known as ‘Pedra en Sec’ which was declared as world heritage by UNESCO in 2011.

Weather in Sóller

Like the rest of the island, Sóller has a mediterranean climate which is ideal for enjoying a nice holiday and allows you to enjoy the sea and the sun. In the Port of Sóller you can enjoy the beaches and then freshen up in the turquoise waters found in this area. 

Sóller has the advantage of being located on the north coast of Majorca, with high temperatures during summer, but with a warm breeze which makes the heat more bearable. This is where the name Tramuntana Mountains comes from, from the wind of the Tramuntana which tends to blow in this area of Majorca. 

Regardless of the outdoor temperature, the crystal clear waters of this area are ideal for enjoying your holiday in Majorca. The water’s temperature in spring starts to increase until it reaches 26ºC in summer. 

Sóller Train

One of the most well-known activities in Sóller is the train and tram. From the centre of Palma, Plaza España to be exact, a train departs which goes to the heart of Sóller, and from that same point, the tram which will take you to the Port of Sóller departs. 

This train was inaugurated officially in 1912. What was the reason for this train? The need to connect Sóller with Palma, because the Alfabia Mountain made this town of Majorca isolated, and getting to the capital was difficult. 

A year later the first electric tram in Majorca was inaugurated in the same place. In this case the tram connected, and still does today, the town of Sóller with its beautiful port. Some of the trams come from Lisbon and they needed to be adapted to the width of the track in Sóller.

Currently the Sóller train makes different stops throughout its journey from Palma to Sóller, and viceversa. Having left Palma, and starting to go into the Tramuntana Mountainsm, it makes one of the most special stops in the Alfabia Gardens. It is one of the oldest fincas in Majorca, which nowadays, you can visit and has differenet gardens which cannot be missed. 


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