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The Tramuntana mountains is the main mountain range in the Balearic Islands. Located on the island of Majorca, stretching along the northwest coast of the island. Its name comes from the wind found in that area as it usually comes from that part of Majorca.

The highest peak of the Tramuntana mountains is the Puig Major, which is 1.445m high and located in Escorca, a small village in Mallorca. There are a lot of hidden places amongst these mountains: villages, coves, caves, reservoirs… They are all worth a visit!

Moreover, more than 10 years ago the Tramuntana Mountains were declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in the category of Cultural Landscapes. Due to its diversity, visual and natural, which exists in this part of Majorca.

For that reason, we are going to do a list of the villages and most beautiful coves of the Tramuntana Mountains. Without any doubt, they are places you can not miss during your holiday in Majorca.

Villages in Mallorca

What most distinguishes the villages in Majorca is the great diversity that exists between them. All over Majorca you can find small fishing villages, more developed villages in the centre of the island, or enchanting and peaceful villages nestled in the Tramuntana Mountains. All of these, in addition to Majorca’s capital: Palma.

So we are going to take you around the most beautiful villages of Majorca’s north coast. They are all located in the Tramuntana Mountains, which is what gives them their charm.


Known for the spectacular Valldemossa Monestary, it is the place where many famous people have lived, from Frederik Chopin to Michael Douglas. The streets of Valldemossa are decorated with flowers, which gives it a special touch and allows you to find amazing spots.

While you are trying the typical pastry, coca de patata, you can enjoy a walk through this typical village in Tramuntana Mountains. There is harmony in every corner of this village in Majorca.

You should not miss a walk through the gardens of Valldemossa Monestary. Among trees, plants and typical mediterranean flowers, this will be a very pleasant walk. Visiting its view points and seeing the city in the distance, is a must. For sure you will be amazed.


Both Sóller and Port of Sóller are places which are worth a visit. With lots of history, it is a unique town. One of the biggest attractions is the Sóller train, a railway connecting Palma and Sóller since 1912.

Arriving in Sóller by train is an incredible experience. It will feel like you have gone back in time, and you can start to enjoy this spectacular town in Tramuntana Mountains.

Right in the centre of Sóller, you will find Constitution Square, which is the heart of Sóller. In this square you can relax and enjoy a refreshing drink and take in the views of the iconic town of Sóller. You will also find here the Sóller Bank, an amazing building and Saint Bartholomew’s church. All of this creates a very special atmosphere which will captivate you.

Coves in the Tramuntana mountains

Cala Deià

In the magical village of Deià, one of the most well-known in Mallorca for its vibe and beauty, you will find Cala Deià. It is a rocky cove in Mallorca where, even though there is ample parking, it is recommended to go early to get a spot.

In Cala Deià you will discover two different beach restaurants with typical majorcan food. It is idyllic and proof of this are the various films and adverts that have been filmed in this small cove.

This majorcan cove doest not have a lot of services, but it is a special place. Also because of its rocky seabed, it is the ideal place to snorkel and admire the wonderful marine life.

Sant Elmo

Sant Elmo is a small village near to Andratx. The beauty of this majorcan village is that it combines coves and sandy beaches. Is the ideal place for a beach day as Sant Telmo offers us two options.

The sandy beach has many facilities, such as local shops and water sports equipment rental. Sant Elmo’s stony coves are small, so it is a good idea to go early and get a place.

Also, a few metres from the beaches, you will find a small island with a minuscule cove. It is the perfect place to enjoy the marine life. If you enjoy swimming, a visit to this island is a must in order to know this corner of Majorca.


All of these places are located in the Tramuntana Mountains, just like SólleRooms. Our small hotel is close to all of these spots which are a must during your holiday in Majorca.

With a modern style, but with a nod to typical majorcan fabrics and decoration, you will enjoy the comfort of our rooms. With communal areas and incredible views, you will most definitely feel at home.